Transport Services in Qatar

Qatar Transport Services
  • Public Bus Service in Doha

There is a public bus system in Doha, and between Doha and other towns. It is run by the government-owned Mowasalat.

Buses in Doha are air-conditioned and modern with an area reserved at the front for women and children. You can catch a bus in Doha at designated bus stops. Outside of the city you can flag buses on major inter-city highways.

To travel by bus in Doha passengers must purchase a Karwa Smartcard. Cards are swiped upon boarding and disembarking the bus, and the fee for the distance travelled is debited. Fares within the city are QR 3-4, and fares from Doha to other towns are QR 4-9.

Smartcards can be purchased at the Al Ghanim bus station, located at Grand Hamad Street, and other small vendors throughout the city. A full listing of vendors can be found on the Karwa Smartcard website. Cards can be topped up at the vendors they are sold at, and at a vending machine at the Al Ghanim bus station. Smartcards cost QR 30; QR 20 of this is credit towards fares, while QR 10 is held until a cumulative total of QR 300 has been used on the card. If you travel on a bus without a Smartcard, you will be charged a “No card fee” of QR 30.

  • Qatar Metro Rail Service

The Qatar Metro is a rapid transit system in Doha, Qatar’s capital city, which became operational on 8 May 2019. It will have three lines with an approximate overall length of 76 km and 37 stations. Capable of reaching 100km/h, the Doha Metro will be one of the fastest driverless trains in the world.

Qatar Metro will have around 100 stations for the entire network. This will include a major station built at Msheireb, hub for the Metro network and the interchange for Red, Green and Gold Lines. As the stations play an important part – both practically and culturally – of any metro system, Qatar Rail chose to integrate the Qatari culture in the operating system by naming the metro stations after historical towns and cities, each carrying its own story and background.

Qatar Metro has three lines of service now

  1. Red line (Coastal Line)

North-South Line connecting the towns of Lusail, West Bay, Msheireb, Hamad International Airport and Al Wakrah

  • Lusail
  • Qatar University
  • Leqtaifiya
  • Katara
  • Al Qassar
  • Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (city centre)
  • West Bay QIC
  • Corniche
  • Al Bidda
  • Msheireb
  • Al Doha Al Jadeda
  • Umm Ghuwailina
  • Al Matar Al Qadeem
  • Oqba Ibn Nafie
  • Hamad International Airport Terminal 1
  • Free Zone
  • Ras Bu Fontas
  • Al Wakrah

2. Green line (Education Line)

The Green Line follows Al Rayyan Road connecting Education City with the Heart of Doha. Furthermore, it links to Umm Salal and the Industrial Area South.

  • Al Riffa
  • Education City
  • Qatar National Library
  • Al Shaqab
  • Al Rayyan/Al Qadeem
  • Al Messila
  • Hamad Hospital
  • The White Palace
  • Al Bidda
  • Msheireb
  • Al Mansoura

3. Gold line (Historic Line)

Runs in an East-West direction and connects Airport City North via central Msheireb with Al Waab Street, Al Rayyan South and Salwa Road.

  • Ras Abu Aboud (was Airport City North)
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Al Souq
  • Msheireb
  • Bin Mahmoud
  • Al Sadd
  • Joaan
  • Al Sudan
  • Al Waab
  • Sports City
  • Al Aziziya

Most stations will offer free feeder buses to places near the stations. standards tickets cost 2 QAR each for one way, whilst gold club tickets cost 10 QAR each.

  • Ferry/Boat Service in Doha

Private boats are available to travel to Al Safliya island in Doha’s harbor for 1400-2000 Riyal round trip. Dhow (traditional sailboat) trips are also available around the city’s harbor. Water taxis are also available from the Pearl Qatar development.

  • Transport to/from Airport

Shuttle: Hotels in Doha can arrange airport shuttles through private drivers.

Bus: To Airport: Routes 109 and 747.

Drive: To Airport: about 30 minutes from West Bay. From the city centre, drive along the Corniche, take Ras Abu Abboud Expressway to the airport.

Taxi: To DOH: Karwa Taxi service, +974 4458 8888, 25 QR

  • Taxis in Doha

Qatar has a government-run taxi service overseen by the Mowasalat Company (the same company that oversees Doha’s public bus system).

Doha’s bus system is modern, but can be very busy during peak times and overstretched during peak times. Taxis in Doha are air-conditioned, and can be spotted by their distinctive green colour.

You can arrange taxi pick-ups by calling 4458 8888, however, you may wait a long time during peak hours for a taxi to arrive. You are permitted to hail cabs on the street, but this can also be difficult during peak times. Cabs congregate at malls and hotels, where it is sometimes easier to hail them.

  • Taxi Companies in Doha

Karwa Taxi and Bus

Phone: +974 4458 8888

Besides using the Karwa taxi service, you can also hire a private driver or limousine.

Al Watan Limousine Company

Phone: +974 4447 7999

Cost: 30 QR inside Doha, 60 QR outside Doha

Chauffeur Car Rental

Phone: +974 4444 5456

City Limousine

Phone: +974 4444 2111

Cost: 50-60 QR for 1 hour, 30 QR for 7 km, 500 QR for full day

Directions Company

Phone: +974 4460 7227

Al Afdhal Transport Company

Phone: +974 4488 0177

Cost: 25 QR for 3 km, 30 QR for 6 km, 40 QR for 10 km, 500 QR for full day

Qatar Taxi

Phone: +974 7744 0531

Fox Transport

Phone: +974 4462 2777

Pick Quick Rent a Car and Transport

Phone: +974 4418 2225

Afsal Limousine Taxi Service

Phone: +974 5505 1864

Cabz Transport

Phone: +974 4441 8144

Cost: 25 QR for up to 5 km, 35 QR for up to 10 km plus 2 QR for every additional km

  • Taxi Fares & Tipping in Doha

Taxis in Doha are metered. An initial charge of QR 4 applies, with a rate of QR 1.20 per kilometre thereafter during the day and QR 1.80 during the night.

If you book a cab by phone, a QR 4 booking charge applies.

Publicly run limousine services (Karwa) charge QR 20 as a base rate and QR 2 every kilometre thereafter, day and night.

Karwa Smartcard (Karwa Service)

Karwa Smartcard is popular commuting product with cash-less cards as Mowasalat introduces

The Karwa Smartcard Classic which uses the check-in/check-out (CICO) system that calculates the least possible amount based on the actual distance travel giving great savings to you our dear customer each time normally used by regular commuters.

the Karwa Smartcard 24 Limited which is valid within 24 hours upon first use in the bus and can be used up to 2 times (single tap) within Greater Doha, and the 24 Unlimited which is also valid within 24 hours upon first use in the bus and is virtually a (single tap) ride-all-you-can, anywhere card. 

 All Karwa Buses are fitted with the new Karwa Smartcard System including expansion buses to be added soon.

You can get card at shops that are selling Smartcards in your locality of buy

Or buy it at.

For the Karwa Smartcard Classic, no more application forms , Just pay QR 30 with QR 20 is pre-activated for your use instantly. Your remaining QR 10 will be returned once you reach your first accumulative top-up of QR 300. So, the card is basically FREE

For the Karwa Smartcard 24 Limited and 24 Unlimited, they are available on every bus…just ask for your choice from the driver. Be sure to have the exact amount to avoid delay.

Using smart card is simple just tap your Karwa Smartcard on the marked surface of the new machine (a card validator) to check you in. Tap it again when you check-out just before getting off the bus on your destination. This is where your savings begin!

We now have 87 shops are selling Smartcards, while 79 of them can top-up. But, Mowasalat is coming up with new and more convenient ways to top-up soon!

If you don’t have card you can still ride Karwa, buses never rejects any customer. Before, there is flat rate of QAR 10 as a No Card Fee for a 1-time trip. Now, we have 2 options for you; purchase on-board either the QR10 Karwa Smartcard 24 Limited which gives you up to 2 trips within Greater Doha within 24 hours cycle upon first use, or the QR20 Karwa Smartcard 24 Unlimited which allows you to have unlimited trips on any bus route within 24 hours cycle upon first use.

Top Up

Users of public buses in Qatar can now top up their Karwa smartcards at Ooredoo’s self-service machines (SSMs). 

Ooredoo and Mowasalat have a partnership agreement enabling the service. 

The agreement, which gives Karwa users a more effective and accessible way to pay for their travel costs, is the latest in SSM improvements, Ooredoo said yesterday.

 Karwa Smartcard customers can top up their cards in denominations from QR10 up to QR500 through over 200 SSMs in shopping malls and other popular locations.

Mowasalat’s Classic Smartcards will become invalid if not used for a continuous period of six months, but they could be recharged either at the designated outlets or at the Karwa office at the Central Bus station.

Passengers can also travel using disposable cards issued on board the buses they board.

Disposable cards are also issued from the Karwa office at the Central Bus station.

If a driver refuses to issue a disposable card of any denomination to a customer, the issue could be brought to attention of the Management’s Complaint office on 44588906/or Karwa Smartcard customer care 44366053.